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They Just Killed WHO? – Jean Grey # 10 Spoilers

Jean Grey # 10 spoilers written by Dennis Hopeless and Albert Albuquerque and it features the death of a surprise character.

So in this issue, Jean starts the story while being chased by the actual Phoenix Force. This fiery entity has finally re-appeared on Earth and is looking to get Original Five and X-Men Blue team leader Jean Grey to become it’s host (once more).

Along for the ride are Hope Summers, Quintin Quire, Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos. With the Phoenix Force desperate to get Jean Grey and with the ghost of the older Jean Grey not being able to do anything, they try to find a way to fight.

When that doesn’t work, they use the elf Pickles to teleport elsewhere, which turns out to be Jean’s old school in Canada. The same school where Cyclops started his own Xavier School.

They get a bit of reprieve but to no avail as the Phoenix Force easily tracks them and they go on the run again.

They try to kill with Jean taking hold of Hope and Cable’s Psi-Mitar with the goal of thrusting this into the Phoenix Force’s head…

They do a bit of aerial combat before the Phoenix wins. Jean (both the old and the younger version) take one final face off against the decade long malevolent force.

Jean then makes the shocking realization that kinda puts me off so much. That the Phoenix force didn’t want Original Five Jean Grey. It was trying to get to her to kill her.

It wants to kill this Jean because she was in the way.

So it took her body and burned her.

With this, this Jean Grey # 10 spoilers post ends. This event leads to the opening salvo of the Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey which also comes out later this month. You can learn about this upcoming event by clicking HERE

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