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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Original Costumes, Character Creation and More Revealed

Bandai Namco has released a slew of new details for the upcoming Playstation 4 game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet original costumes, character creation and more!

Here’s the story for the game:

According to Bandai Namco, “YOU” are the protagonist in the story. Kirito and the rest of the SAO gang will be present but the main narrative lies in you. The game also asks “will you walk a different path from Kirito?”

New to the game and the series, particularly in this iteration of Gun Gale Online is the “ArFA-sys” support AI together with the “New Space Ship Area: SBC Fluegel”.


Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Main Character

This new Sword Art Online game will let you use your own character who just so happens to be a party member / teammate for the series’ protagonist Kirito. This means you get to design your own character from scratch. But for default purposes, here’s what the male and female avatar would look like.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Character Development

In Fatal Bullet, you can customize not only you character’s gender and hair style but also allows you to grow skills to become better suited as the story progresses. There are four main parameters you can develop in the game namely AGI, STR, VIT, INT, LUK and DEX.

Here are the breakdowns for each skill

  • STR: Increases the max weight limit of the equipment you can carry. Increases close range attack strength. Some equipment requires a specific level of STR.
  • VIT: Increases max HP. Increases the rate of damage reduction.
  • INT: Increases the amount of time some skills and gadget effects last. Increases the effects of attacks that deal status ailments. Decreases the cool time for skills and gadgets.
  • AGI: Increases movement speed. Increases the rate of damage reduction. Increases handling speed for reloading and such.
  • DEX: Increases the effects of some gadgets. Increases critical hits and damage dealt during weak point attacks. Increases the accuracy of the Bullet Circle. Some equipment requires a specific level of DEX.
  • LUK: Increases the item drop rate. Increases the rate of critical hits.

New Characters

Kureha (voiced by Ayane Sakura)

As per Bamco:

A girl who invites the protagonist to Gun Gale Online, creating his chance to log in. She is the protagonist’s childhood friend, and a veteran Gun Gale Online player who has been playing since its early days. She is bright and cheerful, and has a meddlesome personality. She also considers the protagonist to be the object of her personal protection. She plays Gun Gale Online in order to realize her own strength, and spares no effort in order to discover that strength.

Zeliskam (voiced by Mamiko Noto)

A mysterious woman accompanied by an ArFA-sys that you meet during the story. She is calm-mannered, but is a talented solo player who has made a name for herself in Gun Gale Online. She tries to get a grasp of the protagonist, who obtained an ArFA-sys by luck. She will sometimes give you advice that is a sore to the ears. She dotes on her partner ArFA-sys, and enjoys wearing cute-looking clothes.



Its official name is the “Artificial Financial Adviser System.” Its short name is “ArFA-sys.” They were added to Gun Gale Online as a new feature in a major update rolled out by Zaskar, the company that operates the game.

ArFA-sys are support AI that learn, grown, and participate in battle with you. As its name of “Financial Adviser” implies, they can also manage in-game assets and items. They are reliable partners that assist the player in both battle and fortune.

ArFA-sys are divided into several types, and the one the protagonist obtained is the particularly high level and valuable Type-X. Its appearance and gender can also be customized by the player.

ArFA-sys Female

ArFA-sys male

New Costumes for Classic Characters

It looks like all our favorite (or non-favorite, looking at you Kirito) will be getting new costumes here in Fatal Bullet. Check out the new designs and costumes they carry for this story. More than that there will be some really fresh ones from characters who did not appear in the Phantom Bullet Arc from the anime series. Kirito and Sinon are confirmed to have new costumes as well. These designs were done by Kotaro Yamada, the same artist who worked on Sword Art Online: Project Alicization manga which appeared in Dengeki Bunko Magazine.


A girl who, during the “Sword Art Online” period, was sub-leader of the game’s leading guild, “Knights of the Blood.” She is soft-mannered, but strong at her core. She met Kirito and decided to live with him. Her magnificent sword skills earned her the nickname “Flash” in Sword Art Online and “ALfheim Online.” In Gun Gale Online, she uses a thin assault rifle that resembles the small swords she is accustomed to using.




Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet PS4 Leafa

In ALfheim Online, she is a swordswoman of the Sylph race, and in real life, she is Kirito’s younger sister. In Gun Gale Online, her main weapon is an assault rifle, but her sub-weapon is the Kouken Photon Sword, the same as Kirito’s. She utilized the experience she gained as a swordswoman in ALfheim Online during close range battles using the Photon Sword.


A survivor of Sword Art Online. She was saved by Kirito in Sword Art Online, and has since joined up with Kirito and his friends. She has brought her partner from Sword Art Online, a small dragon named Pina, into Gun Gale Online, but rather than rely on him in battle, fights with her own strength. Her main weapon is a sub machine gun, which is lightweight and easy to handle.


A survivor of Sword Art Online. As a mood maker, she is a girl that can brighten up the situation. In Sword Art Online, she was a blacksmith who forged weapons and armor, and was commissioned by Kirito to create a sword. Carrying over her experience as a weapons artisan from Sword Art Online to Gun Gale Online, she also seems interested in customizing firearms. She switches between a shotgun and a sub machine gun to fight at mid and short ranges.

Japan gets first dibs with Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet with a release date of February 2018 while North America and Europe gets it at a later time in 2018.

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