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Blizzard FINALLY Reveals New Overwatch Character Sombra!

Proof of how massive Blizzard’s Overwatch has become around the world is the clamor to finally see the official announcement and added details for the character Sombra.


She’s the Mexican spy who was seen working together with other characters from Overwatch, namely Reaper and Widowmaker. And what’s good about this reveal during BlizzCon 2016? My friends can finally shut up about hyping Sombra because she’s finally joining the main roster of Overwatch.

Watch this exciting new trailer for Sombra’s appearance entitled “Infiltration”.


Anyway, it looks like she’s got teleportation abilities plus tech manipulation; and that’s not all the manipulation she can do as you’ve seen in the Sombra Blizzcon 2016 trailer, she’s also keen on manipulating people to do what she wants. That’s not a girl to be trifled with.

The path to the Sombra reveal has been long ang grueling and it makes sense for a character of this caliber. Blizzard’s promotional materials have even teased SEVERAL times what most of us thought would be the announcement for the character only to get derailed at every opportune time.

We’ve also seen “leaked” artwork and screenshot


And if you’re wondering when you’d be ale to try out Sombra, worry not as Blizzard has assured fans that she will be available via the Playable Test Realm this coming week together with new modes for Overwatch plus a new map. And just in case you’re actually in BlizzCon right now, you WOULD be able to play the Mexican spy. You lucky devil you.

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    […] been awhile already since Blizzard added Sombra as a playable character to their massively popular game Overwatch and now its time for another […]

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