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Pinoy Arcane cosplayers and fans unite to give us an awesome cosplay shoot

Check out these awesome cosplay shots featuring a group of Pinoy Arcane fans and cosplayers as they give life to the characters from the hit Netflix show!

And here’s the gang and the character that they portrayed

Cholo Tolentino as #Viktor 🔮
Roxanne Kho as #Jinx ☠️
Zackt. ザックト as #Silco 🧪
Justene Garcia as #CaitlynKiramman 👮‍♀
Nicola Ber as #Vi 🥊

Zackt as Silco looks just as imposing while Roxanne Kho’s Jinx captures the spirit of the Arcane Jinx in several of her photos either with another cosplayer or by herself.

And yes even the props look dope.

Nicole and Justene also gives us a nice look at Vi and Caitlyn.

Lastly there’s also Cholo Tolentino’s take on the tragic character Viktor;


Here’s to hoping we get the armored/ hex-powered Viktor cosplay soon.

Want to see more? Check out more photos below:

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