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*Spoiler* Can Defeat Kale’s Brolly Form [Dragon Ball Super]

It looks like somebody will actually manage to beat Universe 6’s female saiyan, Kale. Major spoilers for upcoming episodes, particularly episode 100 of Dragon Ball Super.

In a recent slew of episode synopsis for Dragon Ball Super, it looks like a character would be able to beat Kale in her Brolly form.

Current episodes already showed viewers how powerful Kale can be. She easily decimated competitors when she lets loose.

Credits to Todd Blackenship who translated the synopsis including the 100th episode of Dragon Ball Super.  He writes:

Universe 6’s Kale suddenly transforms and mows down one contestant after another, ignoring even her friend Caulifla’s voice as she rampages around. But Universe 11’s Jiren defeats Kale without a word. Seeing Jiren’s great strength, Son Goku cannot suppress his desire to fight him.

This looks like an interesting change of pace for this universal tournament. Hopefully we also get to see Goku gets his ass beaten because he’s the cause of this in the first place.

But just enough, we still like Son Goku anyway. But he needs to learn his lesson.

What are your thoughts on Kale and the whole new Universal tournament arc at Dragon Ball Super? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Rose Merrri says:

    Thing that people forget is that Zen-Oh was planning to wipe the universes anyway. Goku actually gave them a chance for survival. Sad it’s really overlooked.

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