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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie delayed after hacking reports

Toei Animation has recently announced that they will be pushing the theatrical release of their upcoming DBS film titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

As seen in the poster above, then new movie which heavily focuses on Gohan and Piccolo, was supposed to be released in Japanese cinemas starting April 22 but alas this wouldn’t be the case anymore. It seems like there was a massive hacking incident with Toei Animation which prompted them to suspend the release of the film indefinitely.

Toei wasn’t specific as to how much damage the hacking in their system has caused but it could be a big deal which affected all the ongoing and future projects being worked on the animation company.

To reflect the new status for the film, they have also released an updated video changing the release date to a “coming soon”.

“Super Hero” will also feature a number of guests including Hiroshi Kamiya as Gamma #1, Mamoru Miyano as Gamma #2, Miyu Irino as Dr. Hedo, Volcano Ōta as Magenta and Ryota Takeuchi as Carmine!

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