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Captain Marvel beats Lord Ennui in Manila (Avengers # 6)

Recap time! Here’s how the fight between Captain Marvel and Lord Ennui ended from the pages of Avengers # 6 by Jed McKay and Ivan Fiorelli.


The cover first drawn by Stuart Immonen

So we pick up in Manila where its Lord Ennui terrorizing Filipinos and making them suffer (not that we don’t suffer already) and gloating at Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel who is also the new leader for this volume of Avengers.

Turns out Carol didn’t lift a truck that to smash on the evil invader; rather it was for her to use as a source of energy; kind of like a way to get that classic Binary look.

And her idea to finish this fight is to let the guy who can suck out energy take as much energy as he can and hope for the best.

And with so much energy, the bad guy falls and that’s pretty much the end.

Wouldn’t consider this top tier fight but it moved the story forward at the very least. Most of Avengers # 6 is just the same; a couple of pages of fights that wrap up the pairings between the members of the Avengers and the bad guys. What’s truly more interesting here is the subplot with the sentient city in orbit outside Earth and it’s interactions with Captain America and Black Panther.

Will do a quick review for the whole first arc soon.

One thing though, it felt like a let down compared to other comics / superhero fights that had Manila as a setting like that issue of Wonder Woman where Diana fought in Ortigas even going in front of Robinsons Galleria and the EDSA Shrine. That was up there for me.

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