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DC and Warner reportedly rebooting Superman films again with JJ Abrams and Ta-Nehesi Coates

Looks like Henry Cavill‘s future as Superman is once again in peril like the planet Krypton with reports surfacing that Warner Bros Pictures and DC Comics/ DC Entertainment is rebooting the Superman films once more.

According to reports, the supposed new film will have JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Star Trek) together with Ta-Nehesi Coates (Captain America) in it. And there are also additional rumors swirling that they would be doing a black Superman this time, probably from Earth-2.

So currently, we have Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent who is still currently the Man of Steel. He hasn’t been fired. Then there’s also Tyler Hoechlin who has was Superman first in “Supergirl” before getting his own series with Elizabeth Tulloch in the brand new series Superman & Lois. Check out my review for Superman & Lois 1×1 too.

If there’s anything that would be the saving grace here with this little rumor, it should be that its a movie that could happen in The Batman universe, the universe where Robert Pattinson’s Batman operates.

That could totally work if you ask me.

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