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Batman # 24 Spoilers – They Finally Do It

What a week this is for DC Comics and Batman. Batman # 24 came out this week and we are DEFINITELY talking about what happened in that issue.

The issue was written by Tom King with art by David Finch. Also you’ll be happy to know that Batman # 24 will be getting a second printing. I just hope you secured your first print of the issue already.

So the issue is broken down into two parts, one is Batman and Gotham Girl talking about “stuff” including Batman’s fears and what Claire plans to do now that she’s free from Psycho Pirate’s influence and she’s slowly moving on towards a full recovery. The other half is the one that’s getting fans talking.

The other story in Batman # 24 is about Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle aka Batman and Catwoman. Remember this is a somewhat changed Bruce Wayne. His father’s words stuck to him after his adventure with Barry Allen in “The Button” storyarc. Thomas Wayne wants Bruce to live, to NOT be Batman and become someone better. It looks like Bats is definitely following father’s advice and the first order of business is nabbing the cat.

And just like a really good koreanovela or Spanish telenovela, there’s a certain level of romance (or what we Pinoys call “kilig”) in this whole sequence all of which expertly executed by David Finch’s art.

He actually kept the diamonds that Catwoman stole in their very first encounter? Whoa.

Oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.



Holy shit! Catwoman please say yes. Please say yes and don’t break Bruce Wayne’s heart. Your Injustice 2 counterpart already did that in her ending so please don’t do it in the DC Rebirth/ Post-New 52 universe. Helena Wayne must be born.

Also next issue is part one of “The War of Jokes and Riddles” which is an arc featuring Joker and Riddler. It’s pretty promising.

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