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Life is Strange Prequel and Sequel Features Chloe and Rachel

Life is Strange will be getting a sequel AND a prequel and it will be focusing on the game’s protagonist Chloe Price and her doomed best friend Rachel.


So it looks like there really is a prequel to the original game on top of the sequel that’s already in the works. And we know that because there were a few leaked images that have been shared online and is can be seen on Imgur. To save you a click, here are the aforementioned images:

The game’s developer Dontnod Games has neither confirmed nor denied the prequel project instead opting to focus more on hyping up the sequel. The good thing about all of this is that E3 is just around the corner so we will definitely get answers during that event.

Another thing we should know about the Life is Strange franchise is there’s a live-action project coming very soon. We don’t know whether its a TV series or a movie but Square Enix has already made plans for the project together with Legendary Entertainment.

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