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Immortal X-Men # 15 – Exodus does all sorts of stuff and proves he’s the mutant Moses

Some light spoilers now for Immortal X-Men # 15 by Kieron Gillen and Paco Medina focusing on Exodus!

So again, there are multiple plots that needs to be discussed here for the book but for this post, let’s look at what Exodus and the rest of the exiled mutants are doing in this undisclosed place they are right now after they were forcefully sent through a gate by Xavier during the events of Hellfire Gala 2023!

In this desert, we see Exodus using his powers to generate water for the mutants to drink. Even Hope Summers, the mutant messiah is amazed by this.

Also during this break from their wandering, the group is attacked by what looks to be a feral Wolverine that is intent on killing the mutants in the group. Take note also that without them in Krakoa, they won’t be able to resurrect the mutants that are killed during this “exile”.

And what does Exodus do? He telepathically lifts these Wolverine “hounds” and blasts them in the skies away from the mutants.

And even with that, the issues sets up Exodus’ apprehension about their situation even when they are seemingly helped by the clone of Mister Sinister’s wife Mother Righteous to reach what looks like a nice cove for them to rest and recover in the desert.

He even expresses how cautious he is of the situation.


And the issue ends confirming that danger is waiting for the mutants in the form of this version of Apocalypse holding a leashed Wolverine and Jean Grey…

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