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Who are the New Marauders? X-Men: Blue # 4

This week’s X-Men: Blue # 4 brings some hardcore developments and a bit of undoing from Secret Wars with the appearance of the New Marauders.

Spoilers beyond this point guys and gals.

So by the end of the issue which brings in a possible new member with the returning Jimmy Hudson aka Ultimate Wolverine II, the Original 5 X-Men encounter a bunch of familiar looking mutants.

The New Marauders

The team consists of Quicksilver, Mach II <evil baby female Magneto>, Ultimate Armor and Guardian who was once Hudson’s teammate in a ragtag X-Men team that Jean Grey formed years ago.

Its clear as day that this team of teen mutants came from the Ultimate Universe, the same universe where Jimmy comes from.

But how did that happen? Bendis himself killed off that universe with some characters surviving thanks to a properly set up plot like The Maker and Miles Morales.

Taking up the name Marauders also imply that these guys are up to no good. Had they massacred other mutants in their native universe the way the old school Marauders did decades ago? Was Hudson their escaped guinea pig?

So many things are brewing in this book.

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