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Baywatch Star Jack Kesy Added to Deadpool 2, Possibly Cast as Black Tom Cassidy

We already know that Deadpool 2 will have a bigger budget and gets more star power thanks to Josh Brolin cast as Cable and Zazie Beetz will be playing the femme fatale Domino. Now we’re at the point where we are looking for baddies and luckily they just announced Jack Kesy as a new addition to the cast.

So while we still only have that quick Deadpool 2 teaser from Logan  to go by for our fix of Wade Wilson goodness, we’re now getting more stuff from the film like the addition of Kesy who we will be catching in Baywatch in the movie.

Reports still don’t have locked down a character for Kesy but its rumored that he would be playing Black Tom Cassidy, a classic X-Men villain who has been part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants AND Juggernaut’s bestfriend. The two were last seen in X-Men: Blue # 1 where they were easily dispatched by the Original 5 X-Men.

Tom’s mutant power is the ability to project and absorb energy through plant life. Hence the reason why he always carry a wooden stick/ baton. He’s got this rogue-ish charm to him. More importantly he’s connected to the mutant Banshee (who we’ve already seen in X-Men: First Class).

Black Tom is also the uncle of X-Force member Siryn

And to circle it all back, Siryn was once romantically linked to Deadpool.

You also have to remember that 20th Century Fox already has plans for an X-Force movie with Brolin as Cable possibly playing the lead. It kinda makes sense now. All we have to wait for is the execution.

Deadpool 2 opens June 1, 2018

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