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Dark Nights: Metal # 6 Spoilers – Batman Teams Up with [Spoiler]

Dark Nights : Metal # 6 spoilers incoming and this was such a great book I have to re-read this again asap. Anyway, for this post, we take a look at an unlikely team up that happens here Metal # 6.

So in this part of the story, we see that Barbatos and the Batman who Laughs enact their endgame in case their plans get shot down (which actually did happen).

This one involves the merging of the Over-Monitor, the brain of the AntiMonitor and the Batman who Laughs. The resulting reaction would wipe out Earth and the universe.

Of course this won’t stand with Batman.

The Batman makes quick work of the Robins (who turns out to be the kids Joker infected with Joker Venom and was deemed uncurable).

The two are equally matched with every punch hitting hard. It actually seemed like this would be a draw.

Batman who Laughs versus Batman

That’s until Laughs decides to draw his gun and shoot the Dark Knight. He gloats a bit and tells Bruce Wayne that he brought along this gun as a reminder. It also turns out that this was the same gun that Joe Chill used to gun down Thomas and Martha Wayne.

So who fired that gun?

Turns out it was the Joker who came into the “Batcave” together with Batman.

And Batman’s quite embarassed that he actually needed Joker to win against Batman who Laughs. He actually tells him in one panel that they never speak about this to anybody.

It’s a bloody and brutal fight, something we haven’t seen Batman go through ever since his fight with Joker at the end of “Endgame”.

It’s also pretty clear that the pair would do everything necessary to make sure Batman who Laughs fails as seen with Bats being ok with Joker chopping off Laugh’s fingers.

In the end though, its clear that Joker and Batman’s better than a hybrid of the two.

Also because Batman’s a bit of an asshole, he flees the cavern with the Overmonitor and leaves behind Joker and Batman Who Laughs, their fates both unknown.

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