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The Mummy Funko Pop Recalls Tom Cruise Figure from the Wave

Well that sucks. The Mummy Funko Pops are getting prepped just in time for the new movie and it looks like we’ll be missing one valuable part of the wave, Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton.

According to Universal Monsters Universe, Tom Cruise could behind the pulling out the figure from the wave that will be hitting the market. They say:

While “licensing issues” was the reason cited for the cancellation of the first POP vinyl figure of Tom Cruise, there’s reason to believe that Cruise was the reason for its cancellation. The actor is known for not allowing his likeness to be used for merchandising and it is quite possible that this is what ultimately led to the cancellation of the Nick Morton POP!

Kinda sad if this is true, but if you take things for face value, then Funko says that the recall/ exclusion is because of licensing issues which sounds suspect of Cruise’s party pulling the plug.

Worry not though as the Mummy Funko wave will still ship two versions of Sofia Boutella’s Ahmanet. One is the queenly version…

… the one we see in flashbacks in several trailers that have already been released.

And there’s another one which features the mummified version of the character.

The second one looks cooler.

Anybody notice that Tom Cruise’s character is also named “Morton” which may or may not be a reference to death. So the verdict is still out whether or not he’s going to replace The Mummy Ahmanet as the new baddie by the end of the film OR that he will be taking the lead as a “Van Helsing” like character who will subsequently appear in other Universal Monsters shared universe projects.

The Mummy trailer 1

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