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9 Great Features for the LG G6

Two months after it was revealed at the Mobile World Congress, LG is now ready to bring the LG G6 to our shores. The phone has received rave comments from tech experts like Wired, Android Authority, Digital Trends, TechRadar and PC Mag saying that it was the overall winner for MWC 2017.

I got to experience the LG G6 albeit via test units at the launch event which happened at SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall. Yes, the same event that was trending after video of Spongecola’s Yael Yuzon singing a song in English because he was “forbidden” to sing a song in Filipino.

Now before we drop money on the product and we wander elsewhere, here are 9 things that makes it such a cool smartphone.

Big on Display

While its not shipping at 6 inches (the LG G6 has a 5.7-inch screen) the G6 kicks ass with Full Vision Display and QHD quality output. So it makes for a big viewing, better photos being taken and a whole lot more.

Differing Aspect (Ratio)

The LG G6 stands above the competition when it comes to screen-to-body ration. Other phones usually come with a 16:9 aspect ratio display. Well LG wanted something different so they gave their new flagship phone a badass 18:9 screen-to-body ratio. This means bigger looking movies, documents, games and videos. Yes, it also means bigger Facebook and Twitter.

Food Mode

The moment I saw this, I had a “mind-blown” moment. They actually put in a “food mode” for the camera. Takes better quality photos for food making it a breeze to share your foodie shots on Instagram. No worries about the filter too because it does make food shots vibrant and appetizing. Nom nom nom.

Celebrities Swear on It

If you’re one to be swayed by celebrity endorsers then the LG G6 will throw several at you faster than you can say “that’s a wrap”. Some of the endorsers who were present during the LG G6 Launching included basketball star LA Tenorio and VJ Sharlene San Pedro. Social media influencer Janeena Chan, Spot.ph’s Owen Maddela were also there to talk about the phone and various modes that worked wonders for them. Last two were Yael Yuzon of SpongeCola and JP Habac of “I’m Drunk, I Love You” fame.

Swimmer and Adventurer

New to the LG G series is the durability. The LG G6 can now take a swim and go on rugged adventures. The makers claim that the G6 has undergone and passed 14 military standard 810G tests including ones for fog, humidity, temperature and rain. It’ got a built-in heat pipe to fight off heat built up on the phone. Lastly the LG G6 can be immersed to up to 1.5 meters of water for as much as 30 minutes.

Camera Schmera

We never got to test previous LG units so as much as I want to care about the phones, I could care squat. But based on response my peers from the tech community, the LG G6 as well as its predecessors have excellent cameras. For this iteration, we have a 13-megapixel rear camera which also includes a 125-degree lens on the wide angle. The front camera packs 5MP.

Camera Modes for Every Juan

We already mentioned that the LG G6’s camera modes are unique and it starts with the Food Mode. It also features the first ever Square Camera Mode which splits the 18:9 screen into two identical squares for simultaneous photo taking.

The Superior AV Experience

We’ve already established that the LG G6 has 18:9 aspect ratio, now we focus on the different Audio-Video related stuff for this smartphone. I mean  not only does the G6 boast of Dolby Vision technology (the first smartphone to do so), it also has HDR 10 or High Dynamic Range perfect for streaming content on Amazon and Netflix.

Three Color Trifecta

The LG G6 will be available soon in the PH and will come in three colors, all with interesting and very game-centric names. We have Mystic White, Ice Platinum and Astro Black.

LG G6 is now available in the Philippines retailing for Php 37,990.00. From April 17 to 30, 2017, buyers can avail of LG’s pre-order promo and enjoy exclusive freebies worth Php 8,990 (an LG G6 case and LG Tone Infinitum bundle) as well as a one-year extended warranty. For more details, visit lg.com/ph, like @LGMobilePH on Facebook and follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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