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6 Things You Need to Know About LEGION

Legion’s set to premiere next week here in the Philippines on FOX and its just about time to give you folks some ideas on who LEGION is, what he can do and why he’s such an interesting character from the world of the X-Men.

He’s the son of Professor Charles Xavier

Legion’s a powerful mutant and part of that he inherits from his daddy, Professor X of the X-Men. He’s often described as an omega level mutant and we’ll later see why. His mother is Gabrielle Haller, a woman who Charles met back in Israel during his travels.

Chris Claremont Creation

first appearance of Legion

New Mutants # 26 (1985)

This is important because Chris Claremont is such an important cornerstone for X-Men history. He first appeared in comics in New Mutants # 26 which was written by Claremont with art by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Accidentally Kills his Dad


One of the truly big moments for Legion happened during the story arc Legion Quest. Here David decides that Magneto’s screwed up his life and he’s gotta go. So he travels to the past (along with X-Men like Psylocke and Iceman) and makes a way to meet both Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. During the arc’s climax, David prepares to plunge a psychic dagger onto Magneto’s head when Xavier decides to step in and gets killed.

But that’s not all.

He Started the Age of Apocalypse

Because there was no Charles Xavier to form the X-Men at the right time and the right place, Apocalypse managed to gain power and took over the world while Magneto and his X-Men suffered loss after loss trying to fight the mad mutant. Eventually Bishop saves the day by killing Legion before he gets to accidentally kill his dad.

Meet the Legion

Legion’s powers are based on whoever’s holding the remote so to speak. He’s got thousands of personas in his mind all with different powers and with different personalities (duh). Some of these personas have stuck around for the time that Legion’s in the comic books including guys like Jack Wayne:

So if there’s a pyromaniac woman in his head, Legion can either summon that personality or it takes over at a convenient time and use Haller’s body. There are even personas that not only borrow a certain identity, it can also alter reality.

Age of X

Legion as a mutant is so powerful that he can create pocket alternate dimensions and trap people there. Such was the case for Age of X where he was viewed as a hero thanks to the persona that called itself Moira Mactaggert. Thanks to Charles Xavier, Blindfold and Shadowcat, this was foiled and reality was returned to the way it was.

This just shows how powerful he is, even being able to make an imaginary enemy for the mutants while sticking them in a pocket dimension.

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