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Batman Surrenders (Justice League of America # 1 Spoilers)

The first issue of Justice League of America from DC Comics has been released and it already ends in an awesome ending featuring that cliffhanger of Batman surrendering to the team’s first opponents who happens to be dimensional invaders from Angor with ties to the old DCU timeline.

Awright, first thing you need to know is that Batman kickstarted the Justice League of America specifically for America. For Americans to see that there are still heroes, street-level or midcard heroes that are working to protect them when the Justice League is away or is busy. It’s what he and Mari aka Vixen discuss in the very first page of JLA # 1.

The JLA is an interesting mix of characters too with some reformed bad guys working together with the best and brightest heroes. So for every The Ray we have Killer Frost (although she’s pretty much a good guy now thanks to Justice League vs Suicide Squad)

We also have a cool moment for Lobo who once again reiterates his love for dolphins.

Now for the heavy stuff.

The main enemies for Batman’s JLA in this new volume are these guys…

Lord Havoc and the Extremists in JLA # 1

Lord Havoc and the Extremists in JLA # 1

Folks, let me reintroduce you to Lord Havok and the Extremists. DC’s pastiche for some of Marvel’s famous badguys. IIRC Havok is a parody of Doctor Doom. They even have an obvious parody for Doctor Octopus and Magneto.

So anyway, Havok wants to “save” the world by removing freedom from the equation. In exchange for “saving” this world, Earth needs to accept his demands of becoming the supreme leader. If not, slaughter and genocide would be the agenda.

This wouldn’t be the first issue if we don’t get a double spread featuring the JLA done by artist Ivan Reis…

Batman and the Justice League of America (Justice League of America # 1)

Batman and the Justice League of America (Justice League of America # 1)

There’s also another double spread fight scene…

We’re also seeing how Batman works when he’s truly in-charge and not a team player. He knows all the members’ strengths and weakenesses and uses it in the field. Take for example Ray and his ability to secure a perimeter.

Also remember that they just drafted The Ray to the league a few pages earlier via Black Canary. So its not like he’s even been intimidated by Batman.

Here in Justice League of America # 1 its also revealed that The Atom (Ryan Choi) was brought into the team not by Batman but by the insistence of Lobo. Batman was apparently against the inclusion of Choi into the field team but he had no choice but to give way to Lobo’s demands (all off panel and all assumptions of course). We immediately find out why Batman was so opposed to Atom’s involvement as he quickly gets taken “hostage” by Havok.

Before the killing blow reaches the poor Ray Palmer intern, Batman steps in…

… and surrenders.

Well that’s an interesting issue. Will definitely want to pick up the second issue and even complete the first story arc. Steve Orlando did a good job for this ish IMHO.

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