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Rembering Jose, the Honorary Avenger and Jollibee Manager

Today, we take a look at one of the most awesome Pinoy Avenger you will ever meet who also happens to be a noble Jollibee store manager.

So this was a one shot from a Jollibee kids meal and is set in Manila, Philippines. The Fantastic Four villain Mole Man invades the place and the Avengers are called in to respond.

But while the Avengers were en route, Jose, a nearby Jollibee manager steps up and tries to talk down Mole Man, starting by asking the big question… What did the people living in Manila do to the Mole Man and his moloids.

We skip further in this one shot and we see Captain America and Jose looking down at the defeated villain. Jose is asking for mercy and stating the fact that Mole Man was only lashing out because he was bullied as a kid.

This convinces Captain America that (a) Mole Man doesnt deserve to be beaten severely (lol just joking) and (b) the Jollibee manager is a good guy and deserves a commendation of sorts leading to this panel.

See, Filipinos are a pleasant bunch. And we should totally get lunch always at Jollibee.

God I wish I had picked up this issue. And I really wish they didna sequel where Jose, the Honorary Avenger, goes off to Banaue to face Thanos. He could probably talk him down to to bring back all the dead MCU characters he killed off in Avengers Infinity War.

Special thanks to Mark Rosario who had posted this on his social media account.


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