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Thanos is What?! Thanos # 1 Spoilers

Here we go with what I think is the best release from Marvel Comics this week, we’re doing a Thanos # 1 spoilers post here today.


The book was written by Extraordinary X-Men scribe Jeff Lemire with art by Mike Deodato

So in this issue, we find out that things have actually gotten better since Thanos went away (and was subsequently captured by Captain Marvel and SWORD during Civil War II) but now that the Mad Titan has returned he wants his throne back. And he has to take it from Corvus Glaive.


And take back is what he exactly does in this Thanos # 1 spoiler post. He materializes out of nowhere and just kills every person he can find.


Then he finally reaches Glaive’s throne room.


So while this was happening, in another part of the universe, a character called Trycho Slatterus recruits a familiar character in the Thanos mythos…


Yup, its the official return of the former Avengers member called Starfox, who also happens to be Thanos’ brother.

Back with Thanos and Corvus Glaive, a fight breaks out and ends instantly.


As punishment for the usurping of his throne and position, Thanos breaks Corvus Glaive in front of him.


He also makes Glaive choose how he’ll want things to be considering that without the glaive, he now can die. It only takes a few moments for the once powerful “Infinity” storyline character grovels and ends it in front of the Mad Titan.


Back with Starfox and Trycho, its been revealed who has sent the champion and what they are now officially after; Thane has requested an audience with his uncle as they are now planning to kill Thanos once and for all.


So how come Thane has suddenly gained more knowledge on his father than ever before? Because now he’s got Death by his side.


And while they are working together it doesn’t mean that they trust each other, Thane had been very vocal about not trusting her. After all, this was the same woman who sent Thanos on a quest to extinguish half the life of the entire universe with the Infinity Gauntlet. So Death gives up a little secret…



That’s right, Thanos # 1 ends with the reveal that Thanos is in fact dying.

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