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Batman # 28 Spoilers – Deadshot versus Deathstroke

After a break telling the story of the war between Joker and the Riddler to tell the origin of Kite Man (Hell yeah), Tom King and Mikel Janin return for part 3 of War of Jokes and Riddles. So yeah spoiler alert because this is a Batman # 28 spoilers post.

War of Jokes and Riddles part 3

There’s a lot of things going on in this flashback story and its not ashamed in showing readers that people actually die when the Rogues go to war in Gotham City.

Commissioner Gordon has also made attempts to stop the bloodshed by talking to both parties. He even does so in an embarassing fashion to make an appearance in Joker’s court.

Gordon informs Batman that for the War of Jokes and Riddles to end, Batman needs to give himself up to either of the two.

Of course they dont want that to happen so they agree to keep order in what remains of Gotham City.

As Batman recounts the experience to Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, he notes that one of the biggest moment during the war was the five day between Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke and Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot of the Suicide Squad.

Deadshot vs Deathstroke by DC Comics.

So while these two are evenly matched in firing guns, Batman becomes pretty useless. And thus, civilians die.

And if you’re wondering why Batman was “weak” in this arc, you have to remember that he was just fresh out of Year Zero so his experience wasn’t that vast nor was he strong enough. He even says that in his confession, it was a year later when he was strong enough to kick a tree down.

I guess you can say that this was Batman admitting he wasn’t strong enough nor did he have the time to prepare and be stronger.

In the end though, he managed to beat the two deadly assassins. He notes that he beat Deadshot so bad, it was a miracle he survived.

So while the events that happened in this Batman # 28 spoilers post could count as Batman’s folly, its still not it. Its so huge that Selina might have to reconsider marrying Bruce after the reveal.

Go pick up Batman # 28 and read the full story today!


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