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Stealth Bomber Allegedly Snapped Over RP Skies

Amidst the political turmoil, something equal parts cool and sinister was spotted in the skies somewhere in the Philippines, a stealth bomber.

Posted online by Lyndon dela China Jacutan, the two photos depict the Stealth Bomber over alleged skies.

Now this is cool. Dont mix politics with this. Stealth bombers are awesome, unless you’re on the receiving end of its payload. 

We advise to take this with a grain of salt because we also think its fairly hard to snap a photo of the warplane. Unless it was meant to be seen. Take it with a grain of salt too when it comes to motivation. I.e. why is there a billion dollar warplane “flying” in our skies. We are not Mocha Uson who loves to twist things.

What are your thoughts on this? Last thought, they really need to test out Mobile Suit Gundam units in our archipelago. We would be happy to cover those. 

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