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Galaxy Note7 Return Policy from Samsung PH

Samsung Philippines has released additional information to ensure consumer safety particularly for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note7.


The initial part of the press release states that Galaxy Note7 owners first needs to power down their phones regardless if its an original unit or a replacement unit and to contact the seller or place where they purchased their unit to receive a Galaxy S7 Edge. Either that or get a full refund.

Recently it was revealed that Samsung has already began halting the sale of the faulty smartphone and have ordered stores to immediately replace Note7 units with other Samsung products.

We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7. Because consumers’ safety remains our top priority, Samsung will ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7 while the investigation is taking place. 

They add:

We remain committed to working diligently with appropriate regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation. Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 device should power down and stop using the device and participate in the local programs each market has prepared. 

With that in mind, Samsung Philippines has been tirelessly working with the top two telcos in the Philippines as well as authorized dealers in the country to recover and replace all the Note7 phones being used by consumers. Here’s how its being broken down at the moment.

  1. Contact your place of purchase to exchange your Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy S7. The store will reimburse any difference between the SRP. Or,
  2. Request for a full refund. 

For devices purchased through Globe and Smart, owners should contact their telco operators’ hotlines or visit the closest telco operator store. 

You’ll also be happy to know that Samsung also announced the discontinuation of production for the Galaxy Note7. (We really think that there’s some supernatural mumbo-jumbo here because they skipped a number in the series, but that’s just us, we read and listen to too much creepy-pasta shiznit).

For consumers who have further questions or concerns, please call Samsung Philippines Customer Care Hotline at +63 (2) 422-2111. For more information, you may also visit http://www.samsung.com/ph/note7exchange/.

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