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5 Easy and Essential Photo Editing Tips for Instagram

Look at the big picture! More than 3.2 billion images are shared online every single day. A number of platforms let you share images, but no platform is more popular than Instagram. 

You can do a lot with your Instagram account, including becoming a professional photographer or influencer. But it’s hard to attract attention if you don’t have good editing skills. If you want to make the most out of Instagram, you need to follow photo editing tips.

What tools does Instagram provide? What steps can you take to improve your images? How can you take good photos? 

Answer these questions and you can build your Instagram followers in no time. Here are five essential tips. 

1. Use Instagram’s Filters

Many Instagram photos rely on built-in tools that are on the website. You can use dozens of filters to create interesting effects for your Instagram posts, and you don’t need advanced editing skills to use them. 

Retro Cam allows your photos to look old, adding a dust effect over the image as seen in vintage photographs. You can use the Fresh filter if you want your images to sparkle. 

2. Crop Out Bad Things

You can crop your social media photos using tools on your computer. If there is something at the edge of the frame you don’t want in your photograph, you should crop it out. You can also crop your images to adhere to composition practices like the rule of thirds.

3. Remove the Background

Removing the background lets you create a new image with a subject in the foreground. You can then put the new image in front of something else to make a humorous or interesting juxtaposition. You can download a background eraser and follow the instructions to use it correctly.

4. Desaturate Artificial Colors

You may want to oversaturate your colors to make your photos seem more vibrant. But this can cause your images to become jarring or glaring. 

You can allow certain colors in your image to pop out by desaturating other colors. Try to desaturate artificial lights and neon colors. You can then combine several images together to make effective social media posts. 

5. Think About the Composition

It is very important to develop your skills as a photo editor. But all of your skills will amount to nothing if you don’t take good images. 

The rule of thirds involves placing your subject in the left or right third of your image. This leaves two-thirds of your image open, putting your subject in the context of their environment.

Follow Photo Editing Tips

Photo editing tips can take you to the next level on Instagram. Instagram has many tools you can use to improve your images, so you should use them. You can also use built-in settings on your computer to crop your photos. 

Download tools to help you remove the background and change the colors. But make sure you’re taking good photos and following essential composition rules. 

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to keep researching photography to succeed. Read premium photography guides by following our coverage.

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