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Civil War II # 4 Spoilers

Today, we get right back into the thick of things with some Civil War II # 4 Spoilers from Marvel Comics. The issue was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez.

Civil War II # 4 spoilers (1)

The only big thing you need to know moving from issue 3 to issue 4 is that Hawkeye sends an arrow between Bruce Banner’s eyes, killing him.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-002

This issue moves to some point after Banner’s murder at the hands of Clint Barton.

The book begins with the return of a fallen hero, She-Hulk, who also happens to be Bruce Banner aka Hulk’s cousin.

Civil War II # 4 spoilers (3)

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel goes in and talks Jennifer about the current situation including the death of her cousin. She also talks about Hawkeye’s involvement, much to the dismay of She-Hulk. You could really see in her eyes that classic gamma-rage burning. So good with that.

Meanwhile its also revealed that Hawkeye gets acquitted for the crime of murdering his fellow Avenger.

Civil War II # 4 spoilers (2)

Meanwhile Iron Man aka Tony Stark is at a loss after witnessing the murder of Banner. He admits to it too.

Civil War II # 4 spoilers - iron man feels lost

He’s talking to somebody which happens to be…

Civil War II (2016-) 004-015

… a reformed Illuminati together with Captain Marvel and Captain America. Namor is obviously absent because he got killed over in Squadron Supreme.

During his talk with the secret group, Tony also reveals how the Inhuman Ullysses’ precog powers work.

Civil War II # 4 spoilers ullysses brain according to tony stark

Even though Stark gives a pretty good explanation WHY not to take everything the new inhuman to heart, Carol Danvers defends her side; she makes her point clear when the argument of a man with gun was used.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-017

After the issue of War Machine was raised, she dismisses things and quickly leaves the Illuminati. Stark of course issues a promise that things will get ugly.

During the course of Stark’s lengthy exposition we also find out that Ulysses is working with the now handsome Doctor Doom, to control and maximize his powers.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-010

The main drive for the issue is when Captain Marvel leads a group of heroes in arresting what they were told is a female HYDRA agent.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-011

Civil War II (2016-) 004-012

Danvers retrieves the suitcase only to find it empty. She proceeds with the arrest anyway while looking quite crossed at Ulysses. There’s also some mistrust among the heroes she brought along.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-014

Back in The Ultimates’ Triskelion, Captain Marvel interrogates the woman asking her what her plans are and why the suspicious looking briefcase.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-021

Just when she, Director Maria Hill and Black Panther are about to leave the room, the suspected HYDRA agent gets teleported out of the room.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-022

Lockdown in the building is called and they get notification that Iron Man is on the roof deck waiting for her.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-024

What Tony doesn’t realize is that Carol made a call to the Guardians of the Galaxy who have flown back to Earth with a bolstered roster which includes crazy Space Venom, Thing and the recently sprung Angela.

Civil War II (2016-) 004-025


Is Marvel trying hard to write Tony Stark as the affable guy as he has now effectively become the poster boy for Marvel (removing that title from Spider-Man and Wolverine)? I kinda read him as such to be honest.

Years ago for Civil War, he’d be an asshole and do shit to ruin Carol but for this, he’s really tame. Anyway, issue was OK but nothing that would really wow me. That ending also felt like a good excuse to have a lot of heroes. Let’s just hope they open Civil War II # 5 with a HUGE bang.

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