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Another Version of the Supposed Suicide Squad Plot / Story

I’ve bumped into another, more updated version of the supposed plot for Warner Bros. Pictures’ Suicide Squad and now I’m sharing this one again. I don’t think I shared the first one.

suicide squad

Hold it right there, let me just pull up my spoiler alert sign…


As always, take this with a grain of salt. These have never been confirmed and it could be confirmed when we finally see the film next week.

Opens with a 20 minute sequence of the squad members getting captured. It’s set to pop music and every time a new member shows up their rapsheet pops onscreen in bright neon colors.

Deadshot is an ex-soldier who is arrested by Batman and his daughter is taken away from him after putting herself in the line of fire to defend Batman from her dad. So he hates Batman.

Joker runs a nightclub and begs a mobster to get a lapdance from Harley then kills him for agreeing to it. Batman shows up and Joker and Harley try to ditch it, but Batman catches up and the car goes into the river. Joker escapes and Harley almost drowns, but Batman catches her.

Waller gets everyone sent to Belle Reve. When Joker finds out he decides to get Harley back. Waller wants to use them as soldiers, but the government thinks it’s a stupid idea.

Enchantress is a weirdo archaeologist who touches a voodoo doll and becomes possessed. Waller controls her heart and sends her with Rick Flagg, who’s fucking the Enchantress on the side, to investigate spooky supernatural shit. Enchantress goes crazy and takes over the city, turning some guy into her demon brother, opening a portal and turning a bunch of soldiers into monsters. She’s being influenced by some elder demon.

The government OK’s Waller using the squad to go to the city and get Enchantress back so Waller can put her back under their control. The Joker shows up in his chopper, shoots down the Squad’s chopper, and they end up getting attacked by the monsters and hide in a hotel. Slipknot tries to bail and gets killed.

More monsters attack, and the Joker shows up again to rescue Harley, but the chopper gets shot down and he’s presumed dead, while Harley escapes. The Squad finds out shit is going down and decide to complete the mission, while Enchantress kidnaps Waller.

They all fight in a museum. Diablo sacrifices himself to kill Enchantress’ demon brother and close the portal so the elder demon doesn’t come through.

Harley tricks Enchantress and destroys the heart, and that frees the girl from the evil spirit witch. Waller gets rescued, but puts everyone back in prison cuz she’s a bitch.

In the end Harley realizes one of the guards checking on her is the Joker is disguise, they lock eyes and smile, as pop music plays and the movie fades to black.

Boomerang, Katana and Croc are underused and serve only as comic relief and background filler in the action scenes.

At one point Enchantress peeks into Deadshot’s mind and finds out his greatest dream is killing Batman.

Boomer gets caught by the Flash

Lots of quippy banter, mostly from Deadshot.

Again, I can’t stress enough that this is just one of the many “spoilers” for Suicide Squad. I just want to post these things because, the late ones who post are usually the ones that have actually seen the final cut of the film and or is involved with the production and have also seen the final cut. That’s how I got to know the entirety of X-Men Days of Future Past weeks before the release date.

Anyway, if its put that way, it could be ummmm…. lackluster? However with the shortened number of words, it doesn’t really paint a clear picture. Nor does it give us all the meatier parts.

Still the plot isn’t awful, I find it intriguing actually and how Batman figures into most of the main characters, it really warrants a supporting role call for Ben Affleck.

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