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Chokeslammin’ his way through: Big Show in Manila!


You heard it right, the 7ft tall, 440 lbs athlete just hit Manila last July 26, 2016! And mahgahd was it AWESOME!


We had a very special opportunity to have a round table conversation with Big Show, together with other media folks. At first, it was an aura of awkward and fangasm to see Paul Wright Jr. (Big Show’s real name), seeing there in the middle. He broke everyone’s timidness when he said, “Take a seat, please! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna beat you up!” Everyone ended up getting rid of the awkwardness and went straight for the seats nearest to him.


Paul told us how it has been a great experience to be part of the Attitude Era down to the new Era, describing Vince McMahon as a father figure, where “he pushes you too hard that it pisses you off because he sees your talent”, as said by Paul. Another great thing he opened up is what he thought of other athletes in the business. He credited the new breed such as Enzo and Cass, Finn Balor, Neville (whom he jokingly pondered why he grew a beard since he looked great before), and to our surprise, even Baron Corbin. Yeah, he credited Corbin, one of the most hated heels in WWE today. Better watch out for Corbin, if the big guy looks to him that much, this new superstar might be one of the next big things to come! Another notable mention is Triple H, where Paul narrates on how Paul Levesque (Triple H’s real name) helped to develop the industry into what it is now.

So out of 5 questions we’ve prepared, we only had the chance to ask one. We HAD to resort to our geekiest question, the still unanswered and undoubtedly the most controversial question of the millenium: “WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT, GOKU OR SUPERMAN?” Show answered with the utmost confidence, “Superman. Without Kryptonite, no one can beat Superman!”

Alas, with that, the press conference is over and we still had time to have our pictures taken with him and sign some stuff as well!


Yours truly also took a picture with Show’s bodyguard. Little did we know that is was actually Tyson Tomko. Yeah, we were surprised as well when we just learn it after we went home. The giveaway was the goatee, an acquaintance said. I say the neck tattoos said it clearer. Man, good to see Tomko back!


Some of the stuff that we had signed or was given away during the press-only meet and greet.


Lastly, some of Big Show‘s photos from his morning photoshoot somewhere in SM Mall of Asia.



And that’s a wrap! Be sure to catch WWE Live Manila 2016 this coming September 9, 2016 at 8:00 PM at Mall of Asia Arena. Cheerio!

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