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Amazing Spider-Man # 789 Review

Here’s my Amazing Spider-Man # 789 Review which was written by Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen.

It’s part 1 of Fall of Parker under the Marvel Legacy banner and we find Peter Parker in a very familiar situation – he’s broke.

While we are dealing with the fallout from the last story arc, I’m seeing how they set up Parker in this familiar setup. Heck they even mention in this issue how its been years since they saw Parker in the same spot.

A couple of nice plots are setup too for this arc. Exploring the relationship between Pete and Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird, new status quo for Harry Osborn and Liz Allen and the impact of Parker’s actions in public opinion on Spider-Man.

The issue is plagued with a lot of continuity stuff. The level varies though. You definitely need to pick up the last story arc while Secret Empire can be skipped entirely. Still, if I were a new reader, its a mid level jumping point.

Stuart Immonen’s art is always welcome in my book. Great character moments while in action is definitely the dude’s specialty. Colors and lettering work extremely well too.

Not too fond of the pairing of Pete and Bobbi but they kinda work. While their battle with Griffin is contrived, the writing still gives us a shining moment which reminds us why we like Spider-Man.

As a reader and as a guy that’s been in Parker’s situation, i have once again connected to Spidey. How utterly worthless he feels and how he sucky life is treating him.

The last page definitely paints a clear picture for where the book wants to go and how it wants to tackle stuff.

Mockingbird and spidey amazing spiderman 789

Amazing Spider-Man # 789 Verdict

Its a good pick from last week’s list of books from Marvel. Be wary though as it uses past stories as a crutch. Whatever happened to new readers. Amazing art and great dialogue.



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