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Justice League’s Mother Box Comes in Three!

Remember the Mother Box in Batman v Superman? Well it looks like it will be returning for Justice League with a bigger role to boot!


For the 2017 movie, the Mother Boxes will be the “macguffin” in the story. Both the newly formed Justice League and the forces of Apokolips, led by Steppenwolf, will be hunting down these three boxes. The League obviously don’t want what happens when they fall into the wrong hands while Steppenwolf would probably want this to bring in their master and the lord of Apokolips, Darkseid.


In the hero vs hero movie, the Mother Box was seen in that moment where Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman views the files that Batman/ Bruce Wayne sent to her after stealing it from Lex Luthor.

It was in that moment where Dr. Silas Stone tries to revive his injured son Victor Stone and we get to witness the birth of the League’s Cyborg.


Now it’s more than just a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of thing for the Mother Boxes in Justice League. According to several sites, these boxes were given to three races on Earth. The mother box we see in BvS was given to human beings which kind of explains why Dr. Stone has it.

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Two other mother boxes are with two other races in the DCEU according to BirthDeathMovies.

The Amazons have one, which could explain why we might be seeing Connie Neilsen (Hippolyta) in the opening part of Justice League. The other mother box belongs to the Atlanteans and would most likely be seen first with Willem Dafoe who was cast as an ancient Atlantean King.

BDM describes it as:

There are three Mother Boxes on Earth. One Mother Box is for the Amazonians, and it’s burgundy and beautifully ornate and highly detailed. One is for the Atlanteans, and it’s white and really organic looking, with scales and tubes and stuff. And one is for humanity, and it’s bronze and has big rivets on it and looks like something the Ancient Greeks would make.

We find it an interesting aspect that they’ve done this for the story. Now all we need is a greek god and we’re definitely tackling all the important pillars of the DC Expanded Universe.

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