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Celebrate 30 Years of The Dark Knight Returns with these Funko Pop Figs

Celebrate thirty years of The Dark Knight Returns from Frank Miller with these upcoming Funko Pop Vinyl.


There would be a couple of Batman figures in this wave. Pictured above is the armored Batman vinyl; its the costume he wore when he fought Superman at the end of the story. There’s also his unmasked version as seen below:



Another Batman figure appearing in this wave is the blue costumed Batman, still an exclusive and was seen in the opening moments of the book when Bruce Wayne returns as the dark knight.



Aside from the classic blue and yellow, the wave will also feature the darker costume we see Batman wraring throughout the rest of the book.


Including that time he inspired the “mutants” to save Gotham City from all the rioting and looting while riding a horse.

Two more non-Batman figures on this wave include Carrie Kelly as Robin which hasn’t been produced as a prototype yet…



And then there’s The Joker.


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