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Thank You Giordano for the Second Wave of Voltes V Shirts (Available Now)

Giordano releases second wave of retro tees for kids and adults alike featuring everybody’s favorite 80s mecha, Voltes V.

giordano voltes v shirts (1)

After the huge success of the first collection of retro shirts, the Giordano Voltes V collection returns this month. The new collection features vintage poster-inspired graphics featuring the robot that sparked a revolution (so to speak).

giordano voltes v shirts (10)

“Retro icons and nostalgia continue to influence today’s casual and street wear. Through the revival of the last decades’ popular silhouettes and good old days’ iconic characters, every major brand has put their own fresh take on the classics. And, in this series of Voltes V collections, Giordano has made it a point to honor the 80s favorite while making it relatable to younger generations,” said Giordano Philippines Vice President for Merchandising Rochelle Tan.

The collection features minimalist-designed polo shirts and raglan tees, as well as printed tees with vintage Voltes V graphics in different colors and sizes perfect for the whole family. In addition to classic silhouettes and subtle detailing, every item in this collection is made of premium and comfortable fabric.

“Voltes V is such an icon for those who grew up in the late 70s and 80s. It’s a big part of Pinoy pop culture and it transcends different generations. This collection is the second of the three-part series to celebrate the classic show’s 40th anniversary on 2017,” said Tan.

Giordano’s Voltes V raglan tees are available for only Php699, polos for Php1,099 and printed tees for a special promo of buy 1 at Php999 and buy the second one at Php799. What’s more, for every two Voltes V merchandise, you can get a free Voltes V Special Limited Edition Playing Cards. For more information about the collection, please visitwww.facebook.com/GiordanoPhilippines.

Check out the gallery below for the shirts, which to be honest, looks awesome!

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