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4 Things to be excited about WordPress 5.5 aka “Eckstine”

WordPress will be dropping a new update aka WordPress 5.5 aka Eckstine and here are 4 things I’m really excited to see in the coming days.

1. Auto-updates for plugins

With one simple click of a button, you get to automate the process of updating the plugins installed on your WordPress site. It has become a tedious task to update plugins that could cost you time and money in the long run. Having this feature means you could have more time doing something else like managing your content or writing new ones.

2. Plugin Detection and Verification

Still on the subject of plugins, the new WordPress version aka Eckstine also has a way to check on plugins to see if they still work and if they are still incremental to your site’s overall performance. I’ve had a lot of cases where the plugin I installed a year or so ago has “gone rogue”,

3. Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is basically a system that makes your website or blog run faster. In a nutshell it delays the download of elements in a page until the user is actually getting to that part. So that means if they only read the headlines or the top part, only the top half of the entire page would load in record speed. 

4. WordPress built-in Sitemaps

If you’re new to the blogging sphere and SEO, you’ll need to know that sitemaps are crucial. They let crawlers know where to go and help make it easier for landing pages to be indexed. In the past, especially for the wordpress platform, you had to manually put in the sitemap. There are a lot of helpful plugins to assist you but you really are on your own. With WordPress 5.5, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the platform will generate a sitemap for you. I’m hoping that its also the unlimited version and not the capped sitemap generator. 

So there you go. 4 updates from WordPress 5.5 that could be a big help for all of us! Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more SEO and digital marketing stuff!

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