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This Week’s Dark Nights Death Metal Introduces a Batman-Darkseid Hybrid called Darkfather

If there’s anything you would really enjoy about DC Comics’ Dark Nights Death Metal its the insane hybrids of Batman and both superheroes and villains. Case in point, the introduction of the evil Batman and Darkseid hybrid that calls himself the Darkfather. Spoilers for Dark Nights Death Metal # 3 by the way.


spoiler alert photo

So in the last issue, the team of Batman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn fly off to Apokolips to rescue Superman who has been put there by the Batman Who Laughs who has now transcended his form to become the Darkest Knight, a weird mix of BWL and a Batman-Doctor Manhattan hybrid.

In Apokolips, we find out that Superman was captured in a weird bike that slowly breaks down his Kryptonian cells and is poised to give his body a dose of the Anti-Life Equation when that is done. He’s also chained to a bike that powers the city all the while wearing him down until he gives up and the Anti-Life eats his cells.

Its also revealed that while he’s already chained up, Superman is also subjected to various different Kryptonite by his captors led by Darkfather.

This daring mission to save Superman and the rest of the heroes captured by Batman Who Laughs and Perpetua and its apparently told through exposition by the creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo that this Apokolips was taken over by the Darkfather during the conflict and has made it his home. He even brought in his parademons referred to as Pararobins who have weird quirk of saying “holy” before anything that has actual meaning.

And when the trio manage to break into the cell, they have a fight with Darkfather calling out his Parademons/Pararobins to attack (which was a pretty cool panel to be honest).

He also tried to take down Batman and Superman by using a gun with Omega Effect bullets which he also fired on Batman; a role reversal from that famous scene from Final Crisis…

And when that didn’t work, Superman steps in and ends the fight with the evil Batman-Darkseid hybrid.

We’ll do more spoiler posts for Dark Nights Death Metal # 3 in the coming days. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more DC Comics news and updates!

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