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The Origin of Batmanhattan, the Batman-Doctor Manhattan Hybrid

Let’s check out the origin of Batmanhattan, arguably the most powerful Batman hybrid in existence in the Dark Multiverse and the new body for the Batman Who Laughs.

So this was only a few pages from the anthology book called Dark Nights Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights # 1 by a slew of talented artists and writers from DC Comics.

So it goes back to the events of Dark Nights Death Metal # 2 with the birth of the Darkest Knight and his inner monologue and flashback. By the end of issue 1, we know that BWL had a plan which involves being killed by Wonder Woman but we weren’t aware that it was going to further strengthen him.

And that he had a lobotomized body of Batmanhattan stored somewhere just for this scenario. So for this issue, we find out in one page, how Batmanhattan came to be and it has its roots on the now classic story “The Button” which was also a crossover with The Flash.

So pretty much, the origin of Batmanhattan lies on Bruce Wayne wanting to replicate the powers he found during this crossover. At that point in time, Manhattan has yet to fully appear and Doomsday Clock was not yet completed so he had no idea of what Manhattan is and what his issues are.

And BWL knew that he only had a small window to work on and became the ultimate opportunist.

Pretty good scene.

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