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Death of X Variant Covers featuring your Favorite X-Men Dying

As morbid as it sounds, we’ve got several variant covers featuring your favorite mutants from Marvel’s X-Men for the upcoming story arc Death of X.

Check out the covers after the jump!

There’s supposed to be 20 covers for the Fall 2016 variant covers but so far we’ve only seen six or so covers for Death of X.

Invincible Iron Man #11 by Juan Gedeon,Amazing Spider-Man #15by David Lopez, Extraordinary X-Men #12 by Sana Takeda, Uncanny Avengers #11 by Leinil Yu.,Daredevil #9 by Rahzzah,Mighty Thor #9 by Tradd Moore, and Uncanny Inhumans #12 by Harvey Tolibao.


Uncanny Inhumans # 12

Uncanny Avengers # 11

Uncanny Avengers # 11

mighty thor 9 death of x variant

Mighty Thor # 9

Extraordinary X-Men # 12  death of x

Extraordinary X-Men # 12

Daredevil # 9 death of x

Daredevil # 9


Amazing Spider-Man # 15  Death of X variant cover

Amazing Spider-Man # 15 Death of X variant cover

More importantly, we want to ask, what is Death of X?

death of x

We here at thefanboyseo.com think that its actually the story of Cyclops and his death at the hands of the Inhumans. It just had to be that.

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