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IvX # 1 Spoiler Review

Here’s our IvX # 1 spoiler review written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan. So here we are, with the second act of the Inhumans and Mutants...


Death of X # 2 Spoilers

Last week’s issue of Death of X was pretty nice and moved things clearly towards Inhumans vs X-Men, so without further delays, we give you Death of X # 2 Spoilers. You might want to read...


Marvel Comics Releases Marvel NOW! 2.0 Previews

Marvel Comics has begun teasing details and titles for Marvel NOW! 2.0 and it looks like the “relaunch” will have fans encounter new titles with characters and hopefully, a lessened amount of rehashed ideas...