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Keanu Reeves Looks like the Winter Soldier

Keanu Reeves definitely looking like the Winter Soldier from Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier. all he really needs now is an automatic and a pair of goggles and we’re good.


Overwatch x Marvel Mashup by Bosslogic

Artist Bosslogic manages to bring two fan favorite franchises and mash them up neatly. Check out his Overwatch x Marvel set of artworks! First up is Doomfist as Thanos… The dude’s already deadly as...


The Cosplayers of Asiapop Comicon 2016

We here at thefanboyseo.com are proud to showcase the different cosplayers who joined in the fun and festivities of Asiapop Comicon 2016. You can check them out below: The Wonder Woman below was seen...


REVIEW: Thunderbolts #1 (2016)

Another major Avengers event has ended and unsurprisingly, there’s a new Thunderbolts series spinning out of it. This time, Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier) is the one leading the team. But how did...