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Hasbro reissuing the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier under The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wave

Hasbro will be reissuing the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier with a lot of new tweaks here and there and will be under the banner of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier from Marvel Studios and available for streaming on Disney+

I’m actually excited for this figure because A) the first one was hard to find it already since it was released a long time ago for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier wave with a “Mandroid” build-a-figure. B) If you find one, its super expensive. Like unreasonably expensive.

And if you’re wondering where this came out, you’ll have to re-watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, particularly when Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson and Daniel Bruhl’s Helmut Zemo went to Madripoor to meet with the mysterious “Power Broker”, which turns out to be none other than their former ally Sharon Carter played by Emily VanCamp.

Check out more of this new Marvel Legends Winter Soldier figure below:

We even have updated looking accessories like pistols, knife and assault rifle. There’s also an alternate head here without the mask. But here’s to hoping that Bucky’s practicing social distancing too when he’s not wearing a mask.

Anyway, the figure is set for release either May or June 2022.

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