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Super Minipla Jet Icarus Preview

Here are official photos from the upcoming Super Minipla Jet Icarus which comes off the classic Super Sentai show Choijin Sentai Jetman. This was the first mech that they used in series and was...


More Magazine Scans for Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

So while we’re kinda still enjoying Zyuohger, we’re admittedly pretty excited to see the next Super Sentai series, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger when it begins airing next year. Here’s a look at the aforementioned scans and...


Power Rangers 2017 Poster

Lionsgate recently released a batch of Power Rangers 2017 posters featuring the Rangers and their respective Zords. Alas, still no Megazord folks. You can check out each poster below. But before that I have...


Zyuohger DX Cube Condor Official Photos

Here’s a look at the official photos for the upcoming Zyuohger DX Cube Condor which will be hitting Japanese stores May 6th. My pal Ukiyaseed/ Orends Range provides the photos and the price in yen – 3,024...