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Red Mask’s Pinay Wife Disappointed with Pinoy Fans Over PH Events Scene

The Filipina wife of Hikari Sentai Maskman‘s Red Mask, Ms. Georgette Inaba shares her sentiments over the state of Philippine events and how its an untapped market for the world.

Credits: Toei

Credits: Toei

Earlier yesterday afternoon, FB user Bagus Pangestu posted a video with Akira Kushida singing the opening theme of Space Sheriff Gavan, one of many Tokusatsu songs he sang during his early days in his career, at the recent Indonesia Comic Con. This was shared by none other than the actor who played the Space Sheriff himself, Kenji Ohba. Followed by this, was a share by Red Mask’s wife, Georgette Inaba. Unfortunately, contrary to the praise Mr. Ohba did when he shared the video, Mrs. Red Mask herself instead answered with disappointment.


Based on the picture above, it roughly translate: “It’s better for them to go to other countries than the Philippines…instead of going to conventions in the Philippines. Honestly, I approached them for a convention on our home country but they always answer that “it’s not feasible” or “we’ll lose money more than we’ll earn it”…Sad story right?”

A few minutes more and Mrs. Red Mask deleted her shared post, leaving everyone puzzled as to what is she thinking next.

We can’t really say what is up with her and the Philippine events community. We don’t have enough details to make a sound statement regarding that. We don’t even know if they have beef or not. One thing is for sure though, the local organizers should see this as a sign to step up their game for their future events. Bringing in Tokusatsu actors especially the Maskman team will be a big hit especially seeing that the people who grew up watching these shows now have disposable income. So while Mrs. Inaba’s comments may sting a little, she does have a point.

Time to evolve Philippine events scene.

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