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Zyuohger DX Cube Condor Official Photos

Here’s a look at the official photos for the upcoming Zyuohger DX Cube Condor which will be hitting Japanese stores May 6th.

zyouhger DX cube condor (1)

My pal Ukiyaseed/ Orends Range provides the photos and the price in yen – 3,024 yen!

Cube Condor follows suit from the other DX toys for the Zyuohger meaning it has two modes, the cube form…

zyouhger DX cube condor (2)

… and the animal form…

zyouhger DX cube condor (1)

Hobbyists and toy collectors can also switch between the two forms…

zyouhger DX cube condor (3)

Finally the DX Cube Condor can combine with other DX cube figures namely the DX Cube Tiger and the DX Cube Elephant (Zyuoooooooohhhhhh elephant)

zyouhger DX cube condor (4)

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