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Absolute Power Trailer Shows the Powerless Justice League after Amanda Waller’s takeover

DC Comics has released a brand new Absolute Power trailer which shows us fans and geeks what’s about to happen in this new crossover book with the main plot being the bad guys led by Amanda Waller wins by taking out the metahumans and their powers.

Check out the Absolute Power trailer below:

This is a pretty interesting premise and I really really dig Dan Mora’s art so this is a sure “get” for me. I also love the redesigned costumes for the heroes and it’s definitely time for Batman to shine and probably gloat. Remember this is writer Mark Waid whos doing the scripts so I am slightly expecting to see the Batman from “Tower of Babel” to appear from time to time in terms of writing.

Check out the cover for Absolute Power # 1 below.

Oh and I want to see how the not-Justice League react when they see Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow working for Amanda Waller. That was totally messed up and here’s to hoping Ollie lands the final blow either figuratively or literally to Amanda Waller for the blackmail he’s endured.

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