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Marvel Legends Hulkbuster now on pre-order

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Hulkbuster now on pre-order from Hasbro based on that awesome looking Iron Man armor.

More photos and details after the cut!

The Hulkbuster was officially revealed online through a livestream especially made for the figure.

No price yet for the figure but it would go for around Php4000 or more. It’s also going to be set for pre-order starting May 22, 2024.

Tony Stark created the Hulkbuster armor to contain and battle Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk (thus the name of the armor). The Hulkbuster first appearance came out back in Iron Man # 304 (1968) and it was definitely a cool concept when this came out.

Honestly I don’t think I’ll be picking this up. Sure the concept of an alternate Tony Stark head on the figure sure sounds lovely but it looks a little flimsy for me especially if you’ve gotten the Marvel Select Hulkbuster from a few years ago which was a really chunky boy. Or you can go even further with that Toybiz Marvel Legends Hulkbuster complete with its weird looking glider; remember that figure?

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