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Greg Capullo returns to Wolverine interior art with Wolverine Revenge

Former Batman artist Greg Capullo has returned to Marvel and while he was initially reported to just do covers, it looks like he’ll now be doing interior art from time to time. Case in point – Wolverine Revenge drawn by him and written by former “Head of X” Jonathan Hickman

And what’s even better is that this involves a few fun things we all want to see in a Wolverine book namely violence and dinosaurs

You can never go wrong with a book like that. Last time I enjoyed that sort of stuff was when Frank Cho did the art for Savage Wolverine some years ago. Remember that? The one that also featured Shanna the She-Devil, drawn by Frank Cho…

Here’s what Marvel, Capullo and Hickman stated about Wolverine: Revenge.

Last year, industry legend Greg Capullo made his celebrated return to Marvel Comics, and now, after a host of incredible cover work, he’s back to gracing the Marvel Universe with his iconic interior artwork! Capullo will team up with visionary writer Jonathan Hickman this August in an all-new prestige limited series: WOLVERINE: REVENGE!

Announced earlier today by Polygon, WOLVERINE: REVENGE will be five issues of pure, unadulterated Wolverine action just in the time for the iconic character’s 50th anniversary. If that’s not enough, WOLVERINE: REVENGE will also be available as special RED BAND EDITIONS. Like the current BLOOD HUNT event series, WOLVERINE: REVENGE – RED BAND EDITION will be polybagged for the protection of innocent eyes, and include exclusive pages and elevated violence!

Capullo and Hickman pit Wolverine against a cadre of foes who will turn his world upside down, including Sabretooth, Omega Red, Deadpool, and more. He’s been beaten! He’s been bloodied! And Logan only has one thought on his mind: revenge!

“I’ve finally returned home to Marvel, and I’m ready to raise some Hell. And, who better to do that with than the Hitman Hickman?” Capullo told Polygon, who also shared an exclusive preview. “To celebrate, Marvel has removed the fences and let us off our leash so that we can bring the most vicious and punishing Wolverine story possible to the fans this summer. I hope they’re prepared.”

“Well, obviously it’s such a privilege to get to work with a legend like Greg,” Hickman added. “When we first talked about the project, our number one concern was taking the readers on a high-octane, no-hold-barred Wolverine story that was a proper celebration of both the character and Greg returning to Marvel. And like he said, the bosses cut us loose and the result is an absolutely wild book. Honestly can’t wait for everyone to get to check it out.”

Art and Cover by GREG CAPULLO
On Sale 8/21

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