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New Captain America: Brave New World stills shows tension between Cap and Thunderbolt Ross

Entertainment Weekly and Marvel Studios has released two new Captain America: Brave New World still images that paints the tension between Sam Wilson and President Thunderbolt Ross.

The still above shows a confrontation between Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson ala Captain America and the new US president Thunderbolt Ross played by Harrison Ford. The footage that came with the stills reveal that Ross still looks down on the new Captain America always making comparisons between the current Cap and Steve Rogers.

The second still image just gives us another look, albeit a closer one of Sam.

We do get a nice look at Sam’s shield and what could be an infiltration scene.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has stated that the new film tries to be as grounded as the Russo Brothers’ first MCU project Captain America: The Winter Soldier so it should be good.

What do you think? Will we also be getting a short Captain America vs Red Hulk scene in the movie? .

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