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First Look at the S.H. Figuarts Hajime Saito from Rurouni Kenshin

Here’s our first look at the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Hajime Saito based on the character’s appearance in the anime and manga series Rurouni Kenshin!

More photos after the cut.

The figure is currently on pre-order on the Tamashii Nations website and you can bet your ass this is going up for sale locally in specialty stores here in the Philippines.

Saito was one of the cool anti-heroes introduced in the Rurouni Kenshin manga and in the anime. Not only is this captain a former samurai who abandoned his old ways to embrace the new ways, he also has a score to settle with Kenshin Himura formerly known as Battousai the Slasher. In fact fans were treated to a very beautiful and bloody fight between the two in the original anime series from the 90s as well as in the recent remade series…

In the live action films he was played by Yosuke Eguchi who did an OK job portraying the former samurai opposite Takeru Satoh who played Kenshin in the movies.

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