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McFarlane Toys The Flash Batman 89 official images released

Here’s a look at the upcoming McFarlane Toys The Flash Batman 89 action figure from DC Comics and McFarlane Toys based on Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie.

More photos after the cut!

The packaging for the Batman 89 figure looks great and we even get to see The Flash movie logo like how they did with the Black Adam and Shazam figure that came out recently. Then we also see the figure out of the box.

Here’s where I’m a little sus with the figure but I’ll wait till they release the figure. The standard stuff is here namely the trading card and the circular stand. Batman will also have an alternate pair of hands, the grappling gun and the batarang.

Got no problem with the design and paint for the face but the body for this action figure looks weird. Lastly the cape is very promising. But I need to get my hands of the figure to see whether this is a good addition or they could have stuck with the plastic cape.

And if you’re new to this whole stuff, this is Michael Keaton’s Batman who will team up with two Barry Allens as well as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl as they undo the damage that Barry caused when he went zipping around the multiverse looking for a world where his mother lives and was never murdered.

Check out the trailer for The Flash down below:

And check out my reaction video for the trailer:

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