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Hasbro introduces Marvel Legends Deadpool Legacy Collection with movie Deadpool and Logan figures

In line with this year’s release of Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool and Wolverine, Hasbro will release a new Marvel Legends Deadpool Legacy Collection of figures.


The first two figures that will be sold under this series is the Deadpool 1 Deadpool figure as well as Wolverine / Logan in his signature white tanktop. More photos down below.


Both figures will come in new packaging rocking the “Legacy Collection” brand. Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds will come with a lot of accessories including alternate hands, a unicorn stuffed toy, Deadpool’s signature katanas and a bunch of handguns.

Meanwhile, the new Wolverine figure comes with an alternate head sculpt that better captures the likeness of Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman as well as alternate closed-fist hands with sheathed claws although the one that comes packaged and attached are the clawed hands.

Did I also say that it looks a lot better now under the Marvel Legends Deadpool Legacy collection as opposed to the previous release for the figure? I’m getting this one.

These figures will soon be on pre-order so you better get your cash or credit card ready and add this to the already expansive Marvel Legends Wolverine figures also coming out this year!


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