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New Marvel Legends Wolverine 2-packs announced

Hasbro is back hyping up their stuff and 2024 looks to be a good year for toy collectors especially since the Marvel Legends Series will be focusing on character specific stuff like the Wolverine anniversary happening next year which will churn out 4 different Marvel Legends Series Wolverine 2-packs.


For starters we have the Marvel Legends Wolverine vs Lilandra pack


We also have the Marvel Legends Wolverine vs Sabretooth 2-pack

Will definitely get this pack because I missed out on the first release of the Marvel Legends Sabretooth and I really didn’t like the Marvel Legends Sabretooth first appearance figure. Although if I spot that figure on sale, I would probably get one, but definitely not full price. This version of Sabretooth though, it’s the classic.

Also the detail on this version is awesome; look at the sneer and when posed right, he’s definitely scary. Now I want to know how he scales against something like the Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth, that bad boy was big.

Next we have the Psylocke and Wolverine 2-pack

This is also a must get for me because that armored Psylocke looks sick with the cape and all. We also get a new version of Wolverine as Patch. The previous version was OK, but that grease on his face wasn’t cutting it out for me. Plus this version looks to be using a different mold compared to the previous version.

Being able to pose Logan like that sure looks great.

Lastly we have the Wolverine and Hulk 2-pack or better yet, Wolverine aka Patch and Joe Fix-It 2 Pack.

This one I’m getting because we get another grey Hulk figure although he doesn’t want to referred to as Grey Hulk but rather Joe Fix-It. Wolverine and Fix-It teamed up in Madripoor where the mutant berserker also showed up calling himself Patch. No supervillain though would not think for a second that this is not the X-Men’s Wolverine.

And I’m also betting that this would be the priciest 2-pack from the bunch mainly because of the Hulk. Remember the Destroyer and Thor 2-pack? That could be the same price range.

Alas it will take us a while to find out the pre-order price as only the first two 2-packs have been opened for pre-order.

But what do you think of the new Wolverine-centric figures? Leave a comment below and follow me Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. March 29, 2024

    […] These figures will soon be on pre-order so you better get your cash or credit card ready and add this to the already expansive Marvel Legends Wolverine figures also coming out this year! […]

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