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Roronoa Zoro defeats Rob Lucci in One Piece Chapter 1110

In the recent One Piece chapter, One Piece Chapter 1110, we get a panel that we’ve been waiting for awhile to happen. Roronoa Zoro defeats Rob Lucci.

roronoa zoro vs rob lucci one piece egghead

Check out the panel after the cut.

It took awhile for this fight to really end but the action between the Strawhat Pirates’ first mate and the former Cipher Pol leader has ended with an explosive conclusion.

Zoro took on Lucci to let Monkey D Luffy go ahead and save Vegapunk from the invading marines led by Admiral Kizaru and one of the Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn.

During the fight it seemed like Lucci had slight advantage, taking full advantage of his awakened devil fruit. At one point, Lucci even questioned Zoro as a swordsman and as a second in command for the Strawhat Grand Fleet.

But now it looks like Zoro has wrapped things up unleashing a new attack called “Three Sword Style – Hahava Leopard Hunter” which is interesting because the name is a reference to a snow leopard called Ahava…

While Hahava is a one of the “Eight Cold Hells” in Buddhism and part of three interconnected cold hells which also includes Atata and Huhuva where “the damned shiver in the biting cold wind, unable to open their mouths, and these hells are named after the groans which are heard there.”

I have to really tip the hat to Oda on his naming process for Zoro’s finishing attack on Rob Lucci. Not only did he reference hell (something of a theme for Zoro and his moves) but also doing a nod to the popular snow leopard (which I did not know existed until reading the latest OP chapter).

And now Zoro is looking to deal with the coolest of the Gorosei bunch, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro aka the bald samurai looking elder…

More One Piece posts and spoilers soon!

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